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Internet Marketing for online businesses is the lifeblood of your new business. You may choose to use a pay-per-click campaign, banners, solo ads and many other possibilities. But today web 2.0 marketing is allowing many people to start and operate a business with an internet marketing plan based on current resources – that which you already know! So, what do you already know, enjoy, or want to learn about that you can share with others. This MAY form the basis of internet marketing for online businesses that you start.

An internet marketing plan must always begin with defining a target market. The 2.0 marketing format allows one to define her target market based on adding content to your website and articles and/or blog formed around the very things you already know.

I know a photographer who loves his work and is very knowledgeable about this passionate area of his experience. He was doing okay with his photography business but by regularly writing content on his blog, in articles and on his website (all free methods of getting his information in front of people) he is now able to significantly increase his traffic to his site and enjoy the benefits of increased sales simply by telling folks what he loves and knows so well. By developing an internet marketing plan based on web 2.0 marketing or content based marketing he has kept his advertising costs very low, enjoys providing the information and has increased his income in his primary business!

This is is a phenomenal way to start your internet business on a shoestring budget because all these forums for providing content are free! In this section look for the following resources for considering how you might discover a target market based on your own familiar resources:

  • What is a niche or target market
  • What do you know, love, enjoy?
  • What have you experienced or done that may be unique?
  • What special skills do you possess?
  • What have you learned that you ma enjoy teaching others?
  • Customers seek you out because they have an interest in what you know.
  • The old way and new way of marketing.

This may be the most valuable exercise you can invest your time into because you can keep your advertising costs very low. Internet marketing for online businesses is the starting point for your new venture. Deciding what form or format you will use for marketing your business (or yourself) is essential to its success. So, decide early on which internet marketing plan you will use for your online business.

If you have further questions or if I can be any help in pointing you in the direction of an internet marketing plan please contact me. In the meantime check out: Niche Affiliate Marketing and download the free eBook on Internet and Affiliate marketing.